Everest Interactive Art Documentary

Imagine taking 5-8 min to create artwork approx. every 1000m over the climbing and acclimatisation period from Everest Base Camp to the Summit. Such an extreme art adventure may include performance, installation, drawing, etching, writing and art made with forms in nature. The task is onerous yet poetic. More importantly, the challenge is designed to consciously schedule moments of deep reflection and personal expression to create temporal artefacts or gestures that tell the inner story of the journey to the top of the world. Slide09 Slide20 Dr. Sarah Jane Pell is planning to create a minimum of 10-17 artworks on route to the summit including a pre-choreographed performance in homage to the first ascent. Art made on location will be paired with GPS location, altitude and body sensor data, and creative insights into the experience, will be uploaded from Base Camp to an audience online. You too will be able to follow, interact and show your support. Bending Horizons will culminate an interactive exhibition and the HD interactive documentary download of an Everest summit from an artist’s perspective. A pre-release HD is anticipated for September and a full-release by the end of 2015. Those who are Oculus Rift-ready may be able to ‘discover’ art embedded into the documentary as they too, experience the challenges of ascent. An eBook of stunning images and extreme performance stats will also be created. Support Sarah and be the first to summit in it!


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