Extreme Art Adventure

Australian artist Dr. Sarah Jane Pell is preparing to summit Mt. Everest in 2015. Her mission is to record the first person view of the expedition with a 360degree HD camera, while making site-specific artistic responses at various altitudes, so you too can summit in the experience.

Slide04 Slide23

Pell is in the rigorous phases of training leading to the prerequisite preconditioning of the mind and body for the ascent. She is also consulting with expeditionary artists, explorers and technologists to adapt creative tools to endure the cold remote heights. This will be her first professional Alpine expedition and seventh expeditionary-arts-research project, and a significant opportunity for extreme performance ‘discovery’. Learn more about the mission called Bending Horizons an extreme art adventure campaign from sea, to summit, to space 2015-2017 to engage and inspire an interdisciplinary perspective to human exploration and performance.


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