Benjamin Pothier, 2013 Arctic Selfie

E.B.C. Crew Profile: Benjamin Pothier


Photographer, Digital Anthropologist, Psychonaut, Upcycler, Warrior Poet.

The Bending Horizons Board of Advisors are delighted to announce that French artist and film director Benjamin Pothier will be joining our climbing crews to Everest Base Camp. Pothier is a PhD candidate in Anthropology at the [C.A.I.I.A] Center for the Advanced Inquiry in the Integrative Arts, Plymouth University (UK). He was the first French selected for the Arctic Circle residency 2013 at 20° from the North pole, and the ARS BIO ARCTICA Residency 2014 at Kilpisjarvi’s research station in lappland. He brings the sensitivity and technical expertise for creatively engaging with our teams and the extremes of this landscape.

“Exploring the World and keeping the mind wide open” – JAN 2015


From Anthropological research to sustainable design and upcycling, finding a balance between my huge interest in tech related things and my dedication to the protection of the environment and the understanding of the coming challenges for the Human race. Academic with a D.I.Y spirit. Aikidoka since 1996. Vegetarian on a daily basis, I’ve practiced many Arts, alone or with other artists, including contemporary Dance, Sculpture, interactive installations, Poetry, Film Making, Vjing, Photography, writing, print making, drawing etc… I like the environment of extreme Art residencies or expeditions as a catalyst to trigger artistic and poetic visions.


  • Reading and collecting tips about the E.B.C Trek
  • Physical training including a weekly 5 hours walk, 45 minutes daily run, yoga, stretching, and Aikitaïso
  • Conducting an extensive research on Techwear (Light weight Waterproof/DWR and technical fabrics, innovative multipurpose design, Ultralight backpacking, etc…) and portable devices (Satellite phone solutions, two ways radios, GPS trackers, etc…)
  • Planning to collaborate with a French University department specialized on altitude sickness
  • Passed the Civilian First Aid Responder Level One Course with the French Red Cross
  • Switched to an almost vegan diet


I want to learn more about the unique Sherpa Culture, for personal reasons including my interests in Buddhist traditions worldwide, as well as for my research as an Anthropologist.

I’m 42 years old and this experience will be an opportunity to meditate on my Life, Art and Research at various level. To take time out to think about my practice and be inspired in a new way.

I plan to do my best to produce photographs and videos that will be able to communicate to the public my esthetical and spiritual epiphanies during the hike.


Technical Support: I’m looking for a satellite phone partner to communicate during my trip through social medias. I am also interested to collaborate with Techwear brands and give feedbacks about the use of innovative products and gears during this amazing experience! You can engage with me via social media:

Twitter: @BenjaminPothier






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