Meet Everest Base Camp Official Crew: Emily Harridge


Business Woman, Super Mum, Creative Director, Action & Adventure Fanatic, Cat-lover

The Bending Horizons Board of Advisors are delighted to announce Emily Harridge as Mt. Everest Base Camp Official Crew. Emily is the founder and director of Visual Playground an award-winning Australian production and post production company. Her designer eye knows what works in broadcast television and what is vital in attracting a target audience. She won’t settle for average – every project Em is involved in is cutting edge. She also loves to competitively row, ski and stair climb. Both graduates of the Victorian College of the Arts, Sarah and Emily look forward to their first adventure combining physical and mental endurance in the environment with their passion for media and the arts. Emily makes a fantastic addition to the team.




I always tell my children that, “If you try your best, you will achieve!” Following my life trajectory, I would never have imagined or planned for a trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp until Sarah contacted me. I immediately warmed to the idea as a project that I could contribute to that was not something that I had ever dreamed of, but that was the beauty of it: an opportunity. It was the perfect mix of adventure and art-making and a chance to support Sarah as well of meeting a whole lot of interesting people.


  • I have been competitively rowing for Melbourne Rowing Club for the last two years (and won two gold medals at the State Championships each year). Typical training includes three training sessions a week and one competition day, plus weights and gym training. In the last month, I have taken up swimming and increasing running training to 7km along the beach, bush walking in the Sherbrook Forrest of the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria Australia to maintain cardio fitness and endurance.
  • Researching altitude gyms and hyperbaric chambers.
  • Researching information on Nepal and Mt. Everest to understand the various conditions and equipment. Talking to people about their experiences, researching online and reading blogs about other expeditions.
  • Testing camera equipment. I began to read a book on the experience of the first IMAX team in 1996 to head to Everest…and can’t wait to finish it!
  • Educating and sharing the experience with my husband and three children.


It is a milestone year for me: I am turning 40 this year! I am going outside my comfort zone and challenging myself and my perceptions of who I am and what I believe in.

My hopes are to learn more about another culture and way of life that is very different to life in Australia. We get very comfortable with my surroundings and I want to challenge that in myself.

I also hope to experience and challenge myself to look at my own practice and begin to make art again. I haven’t really had the time or opportunity to do this since leaving art school and starting my own business and family. I’m looking forward to exploring this again.

Another goal is to learn about creating video for myself, and operating a camera, rather than working with a DOP and analysing the shots and composition: instead learn for myself the technical side of cinematography and photography.

I’m always up for a challenge. If I didn’t take this opportunity I would feel that I would have missed out on a chance that I would not ever have again…

Finally, I hope to be a role model for my children; to teach them to follow their goals.


Technical Support: 

You can engage with me via social media:

Twitter: @VisualPlayground @EmilyHarriage




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